There is no doubt that Product R&D (Research and Design) is the core process for MediNature. We place great value in producing natural and phytotherapeutic products of the highest quality. We believe the best combination of traditional therapy and modern day natural science makes for the ideal fruition of human life and healthy living. We are partnering with local medical herbalists and phytotherapists, naturist practitioners, organic product consultants and naturopathy specialists, to create the best quality products and services.

"Quality Assurance and Product Management”

We are constantly monitoring our manufacturing outsourcers around New Zealand, and all manufacturing processes are designed to comply with the Food Safety program in New Zealand, which ensures each batch is manufactured in an identical manner, ensuring consistent quality. All raw materials and resources supplied to MediNature undergo a variety of tests including positive identification by an independent botanist to ensure the correct species & part of the plant is used. Each stage of the manufacturing process is recorded and checked in detail. MediNature use and share the experience and knowledge with our partners and local specialists in cultivating and producing therapeutic products. We are currently researching in a new formulation for cosmetic products, with focus on holistic skin care and healthy looking revitalized skin.

"Leading Formulations in Environment friendly”

Wherever possible plants should be grown bio-dynamically, and sourced from organic farms. We believe that these methods together with gentle production may retain the plant's life-force right through to our customers' natural beauty and healing. We ensure our customers that no animal testing and no synthetic ingredients (chemical fragrances, artificial colors or preservatives, which are commonly found in other cosmetic products), are used in MediNature products. We believe synthetic substances have no life-giving qualities to offer any natural human being.

"Professional Designing in Green Medicine”

We are enthusiastically working with professional human resource in Green Medicine industry, and we believe it is the most valuable ways to achieve our mission and vision in this century. MediNature works with worldwide professional associations and medical herbs institutes for continuous product research and design. Especially, we are happy to offer our unique Phyto-resources which are called ‘Vital Herbs’ for those qualified professionals are International Herbalist and Phytotherapist in overseas.