Enhancing Human Life from The Nature


MediNature keeps the mission statement since the time it's established for handmade herbal business in Hamilton, 2004. We are here is to help professionally our customers’ live a purely green life by providing an all-natural line of products and services, all made in 100% pure New Zealand. MediNature is passionate about the unique health-promoting properties of our products based on green resources and that we can bring these benefits to our customers. All ingredients based on diverse phyto-resources used in the manufacture of MediNature products are verified and tested by local specialist and medical herbalists, and all products are manufactured with the unique formula specialized by local practitioners.  

We believe this ensures in creating a valuable, high quality health product. The high levels of accuracy and sophistication of the diagnostic tools and techniques of the modern era can be used to complement the natural curative powers that reside in medicinal plants and alternative remedies that have been in use in various parts of the world for centuries. We believe in modern, scientific usage of nature repository of powerful phyto-resources and natural healing. 

MediNature takes great pride in being a New Zealand owned and operated company, who is the strategic partners of Green Medicine Association of New Zealand Inc. GMANZ. We are strongly focused on international markets and business expansion overseas for sharing the value of green resource of New Zealand. Therefore, we are actively promoting our local enterprises to add more values to their businesses. We are closely working with various local manufacturers for herbal extracts and supplements, personal cosmetics and raw phyto-materials in New Zealand. We see these efforts are increasing the financial viability of this valuable industry, and are thereby also helping our economy in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a climate and environment that ensures ideal conditions for growing medicinal plants and valuable phyto-resources, and the quality of these is among the best in the world. The most valuable part of our business is to preferentially source herbs from New Zealand organic growers wherever possible. New Zealand produces some of the highest quality medicinal plants in the world, so why look elsewhere when we have some of the worlds' best at our own back yard.