"Natural Medicine from Green Science”

Green Medicine is Integrative System of healing which uses the value of natural materials focused on phyto-resource to enhance body’s own ability to heal itself in terms of physical, psychological and social health. The practical boundary is wider with Eco-natural resources not only phyto-resource, even it has a similarity to the traditional herbal medicine. The view of application focuses on the value of green in terms of economics & philosophy, which is called as ‘Greenomism’. 

In the history of medicine, Green Medicine is the common channel to communicate among Orient, Western & complementary medicine as the essential of Integrative Medicine. In the 21st Century, the value of medicinal plants and natural resources as the main source of health is rapidly increasing in modern medical and health industry. Because of the huge demands, the scientific research with this agenda has many magnificent achievements.

Green Medicine is not only focuses on the traditional herbal medicine and historical application, it is also an application system based strongly on pharmaceutical science, which is called as Green Science. Green Science has shown that many plants have healing properties in the 21st century. MediNature believe our vision may be achieved by the mission statement of Green Medicine Association of New Zealand, which is called ‘Green Philosophy’. The philosophy includes three essential statements, such as ‘Thanks for free’, ‘Share the value’ and ‘Living together’. 

Green Medicine is a perfectly safe system when used in the dosages prescribed by authorized professionals. Most medical herbs are safe to use during pregnancy or while breast feeding. They are non-toxic and rarely do they have any negative side effects. That’s why we need to consider qualified practitioners and medical herbalists who are always careful to prescribe the proper medicinal plants during pregnancy.

We believe that often a pharmaceutical drug is used to block a symptom – not to heal it. Often this blocking action causes another more serious symptom – perhaps not immediately, but over time. Green medicine does not take this approach. Instead it tries to deal with the disease in its entirety using the body’s natural processes.

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